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  1. CryForWins

    CryForWins Aspiring Member

    What is your in-game username?:My in-game username is ZayBirb, but many people in the community will remember me as CryForWins.
    What is your Discord Tag?: My discord tag is ZayBirb#8877.
    What is your gender?: I am a guy, Male.
    How old are you?: I am 19 years old as of September 12th.
    What timezone are you in?: I am in Eastern-Central. EST.
    Do you have a working headset and microphone?: I do.
    Can you record in 720p or greater quality?: Generally I use Obs which can record over 720p, yes.


    Have you been punished before? If so, why and what have you learnt from it?:
    I was muted back when K1M had assumed ownership of the server a long time ago for spamming "#MakeYayGreatAgain" on warfare under the username CryForWins. I realized it was a mistake but the server I spent so much time on was dying and from what I had seen nothing was being done about it. I learned spamming wasn't the way to go about making a change and that I had to find something else but it didn't work out in the end.

    If you were to be accepted, how many hours a week can you provide to the network?:
    The week days could vary for me as I have recently started working a full-time job around 40 hours a week. But to the best of my ability I can actively be at my computer 15+ hours a week, a little over 2 hours a day minimum. I will almost always hit double digits every week and the weekend will be when I put in most of my hours.

    Are you active on our discord server?
    I try to be as active as I can chiming in when I see other people chatting about. Although not as active as I would like to be.

    What realm do you play on the most?:
    I used to spend all of my time on Skyblock red that's where all of my friends played so I kept finding my way back to it. I also spent a good amount of time on the section of the server: warfare. I started playing on the server when it was known as HazardCraft which led me to join Yaymc originally.

    What is your favorite feature on the realm you play most?:
    I think my favorite feature was the island sizes, with higher ranks you were granted larger island sizes. I hadn't seen any other server do that generally you have to pay separately for island sizes. This allowed larger grinders, larger bases, and even cooler builds.

    How do you feel that you would benefit the staff team upon joining?:
    It took me a while to write this one up because I hate talking about myself. But a few things I think that I can bring to the staff team would be:
    Dignity // Respect:
    I feel very strongly about these two and that they are my top two qualities. Personally on almost all of the servers I have been on staff put donors above all the other players, I feel this is wrong just because you have money to put into a game shouldn’t make you better than anyone else. It should be how much you contribute to helping the server and players growth yes, money helps the server but I would be able to treat all players as equal and give them the same opportunities.

    I try not to be biased based on player history, the server has been around a very long time and with time comes change, I feel that people can better themselves when given the opportunity. I also would not put friends over others if you're doing something wrong i'm going to call you out on it as per the position. I won't take what players say into account unless there is evidence behind the claims.

    Teamwork // Adaptability:
    I work very well with other people when I get to know them, I love talking and communicating with others as well. If asked to join someone in discord i'll almost always do it, just meeting and talking to other players is one of my favorite things. I'm also very adaptable depending on the situation I wont always try to fix things if I don't know how to do so, I'll reach out to a higher ranking staff or ask a colleague of mine if they have any idea based on the situation.

    What skills do you have that would be useful while you are apart of the staff team?:

    A few skills I think I would be able to bring to the staff team would include:
    Generally I pick things up quickly this has helped me in previous servers while staffing, different games I've played in the past, as well as in the real world in the different jobs I have worked. I normally don't have to be told things more than once for them to get through or for me to pick them up. This helps things transition a lot smoother after I've been taught what I'm required to do.

    If I make a mistake I'll own up to it, especially if it affects anyone other than me. I try my best to tell the truth even when it embraces me because I don’t particularly like asking for help but I will when I truly need it.

    Once I start something I have to finish it no matter what, I more than likely will do this application in one sitting with no breaks because I feel the need to finish it. This trait would work well with me as a staff because if i’m looking for someone watching for a hacker or even just watching someone to see if they break a rule. It would get done the time frame wouldn’t matter as long as it is finished.

    What would you do if you found another staff member abusing their permissions?:
    It would honestly hurt me a bit, for someone to abuse commands given to them by a higher up. But of course I would do what’s right and I would report them to a higher up giving a detailed explanation about what was done and providing any proof I had about the situation.

    Do you have any previous experience in being a staff member on a separate network?:
    The very first server I played on was called PredatorCraft. I became staff on it without applying, I made a block house because I had just gotten the game and the owner offered me a position on the team, this was back in 2012 of course I never made it passed mod because I had no idea what I was doing and the server shut down.

    I was staff again in 2015-2016 on a server called EndorCraft this server was actually owned by a friend of mine and I was told to apply and that I would more than likely get the position. I ended up making it to Sr helper or Jr mod I can’t really remember but I had the position down for a while until the server was shut down, unfortunately.

    What are the most important qualities needed to work in a team environment and why?:
    A few things needed to work on a team I've learned would be:
    Again with this one because it’s very important if you’re not honest you can’t get all the details to your colleagues and they’ll have no idea how to react to the situation you’re telling the about.

    Quick-Response Times:
    If there is a bug, hacker, an issue, or anyone making the server less fun for anyone that is trying to enjoy themselves it’s best that you get any information on the issue out to your fellow members of the staff team or fellow workers, I actually have an example for why this is an important quality:
    I didn't want to take up too much space in the application so feel free to skip this.I was working as a shipping-receiver at a place known as FedEx and a package had ripped open the the contents (Bleach) was spilling inside of a truck I had to run and get a supervisor so as not to ruin anyone else's packages or bought items. The mess was cleaned up in a timely manner and nothing else was damaged, the smell was also aired out.


    I can almost always get on the server if i'm needed unless i'm at work or sleeping. I have discord on my phone so I can resolve issues while i'm not at my house. I also try to be quick while responding to players friends or other members on the staff team.

    What would you do if a player was asking for help with a donation issue that you cannot assist with?:
    I would direct them to the support section of the website so that an admin or higher up could assist them with the purchase and or donation issue they were struggling with.

    What would you do if a player had messaged you saying they had found a bug that you cannot fix?:
    I would see how big of an issue the bug is and reach out to a superior member of the staff team, telling then what I was told and giving them the evidence so as not to waste their time.

    What steps would you take if you found a player cheating on the network?:

    I would use my recording software, get evidence upload it and report it to a person with the evidence who would be able to punish the person unless i'm able to give said punishment.

    Where would you direct a player if they were asking to report a player?:
    I would direct them to the user-reports section of the server, Here. explaining to them how to go about reporting the player and hope my explanation would be enough for them.

    What would you do if a player asked you a question you don't know the answer to?:
    I would give a response that would satisfy the player or I would ask a fellow member of the staff team if they had an answer that could help the person move on without issue.

    Why should we choose you over any other applicant?
    I don’t think I'm above any of the other applicants but I can tell you i’ll do my job and follow orders to the letter. I applied for my current job and was asked this exact question. What I told them was that i’m a good investment, try my out use me for what I'm worth and if you like me keep me. If not get rid of me. I was reached out to and hired on shortly after.
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  2. Maxxy

    Maxxy Moderator


    - Mature
    - Active on the server
    - Well-known amongst the Yay community
    - ily

    Many phanks,
    - Maxxy
  3. Vinh

    Vinh Helper

    A couple grammer issues, but that's not what we're here for. So, overall your application is great! I saw some parts where you could add a bit more information. However, the rest was quite well-formatted and detailed. I would like to see what you're capable of.

  4. CryForWins

    CryForWins Aspiring Member

    I appreciate the complements, ily more. Thanks for reading!

    I fixed what I could find, thank you for taking the time to read it!
  5. Zeynah

    Zeynah Helper

    Okay well obviously I'm going to give you a +1.

    I've known you since I first joined YayMC. You were the first person I ever talked to on here and I'm really happy to still be your friend to this day. Over the past few years, I've grown to know you and how well you communicate with others. You're always willing to help out someone else even if that means spending a large portion of your time with them.

    I can tell that you've spent your time on this application and I can confidently say that you have my support 100%. You deserve it.

    Hope to see you on the team soon,
  6. CryForWins

    CryForWins Aspiring Member

    this reply brought back a lot of memories, nineblade. lmao anyways i'm happy we're still friends as well considering the fact that you carry me in Overwatch and Skyblock. What would my rank status be without you? All seriousness aside I appreciate you taking the time to type this out.
  7. HeyItsFinley

    HeyItsFinley Moderator

    A great application, you have knowledge of YayMC and meet all the requirements. Honestly, I can't see any massive cons or problems. Welcome back. You have my support. +1

    Good luck.

    Kieran (KI3R4N/MrKieranOfficial)
  8. Sharkmatiix

    Sharkmatiix Moderator

    Greetings @CryForWins,

    After reviewing your application and after seen you over the several years, I believe you would be a great candidate as well as a great aspect to the staff team.

    This is a +1, from me.

    Good luck cry,

    Best of luck,

    - Sharkmatiix.
  9. 1835

    1835 New Member

  10. Lotho

    Lotho New Member

    Greetings @CryForWins,


    Your application has been moved to Pending Interview. You have been sent a Direct Message on Discord inviting you to our Interviews Discord. Once you join, we will schedule your Interview!

    Good luck, and see you there!
  11. Lotho

    Lotho New Member

    Accepted! Welcome to the team!
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