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    Yay Mc
    YouTube Application Guidelines

    Yay Mc is accommodating to YouTube creators with large channels who want to share their gaming experiences on Yay Mc with their audience. The premier experiences found exclusively on Yay Mc are often utilized by creators to create exciting and entertaining gameplay videos.

    Why apply for YouTube?

    The YouTube rank is an incredible opportunity to grow your audience, entertain others with premier gameplay, share Yay Mc with others, and have a great time in the process.

    Many players in the large Yay Mc community and our 100,000+ active followers on social media love watching Minecraft YouTube videos; specifically those related to Yay Mc. The Yay Mc leadership team actively promotes high quality videos recorded on Yay Mc to our community and followers. Posting engaging videos on Yay Mc is a great way to gain recognition and support among a large community and have a fantastic time along the way.

    YouTube Rank Benefits
    • Active promotion of Yay Mc related content that you produce.
    • Premier commentary opportunities exclusive to Yay Mc.
    • Status, recognition, and support among a massive community.
    YouTube Rank Requirements
    • 10,000 or more active YouTube subscribers.
    • High quality and engaging content.
    • At least one video taking place on Yay Mc.
    How to Apply

    The application process is extremely simple and straightforward.
    1. Post a high quality and engaging video with Yay Mc gameplay to your channel.
    2. Send an email to with the link to the Yay Mc related content.
    3. Reap the rewards.
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