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Pending Wqmbae's Helper Application

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by Wombae_, Jun 20, 2018.

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    What is your Minecraft username?:
    What is your age?:
    Would you be able be able to contribute at least 1 hour per day to the position?:
    I usually play on the server more than 5 hours everyday.
    What character qualities do you hold as a person?:
    1.Activeness. Most of my time i come on the server and look at the forums. I mostly play on Skyblock (which i think is the most popular). If I'm not on the server for more than 2 days, that means i'm on a holiday, basketball stuff etc.

    2.Helpful. I helped a lot of new players that joined the server for example, give them a little bit of head start and also I'm really good at building grinders too.

    3.Responsibility. If i was asked to do something like a task then i'll do it my best so its complete, I will never say something important and not do it. I'll always keep my word.

    4.Kind. I'm kind to all people and no matter what rank they are and how toxic they are. I really loved everyone that are my friends on this server, they support me with almost everything i do and now i wanted to help them back too.

    5.Honest. I never scam or try to raid anyone's island because i think if i do it, probably get raid and scammed back. I helped a lot of players and now most of them trust me. I don't lie for my own goods and being honest is the thing i'll be and always be to others.

    6.Experience. I've been on the server for more than a year and i have been looking at how staff works and one day i wish i could be one. I see how staff helped players on the server and punish them by there attitude.

    7.Good Leadership. I've used in a scout team at my school and i was the leader of them all and i was given A score. I also had been a leader of my basketball team once and i carried the team to victory, It was also the best day of my life. I care about everyone who's in my team no matter how good or bad they are. Leadership is really important to being staff. the leader not only lead, They also listen to people in the team so that we became one great group.

    8.Never Give Up. When i do something challenging in my life, i never give up no matter what. Once i built a cow grinder on my island a few months ago i tried building so much and it kept failing but i didn't give up and now i have the perfect cow grinder and i'm glad that i didn't give up at first. It's the same as helping people, if you help them and you failed something, you shouldn't give up stay strong and help them the best way you can, thats what i think.

    9.Time Zone. As i said, I lived in asia which means i have different time zone then the others but the good thing about it is that when other staff team is offline, I'll be on the check if anyone's on that has a similar time zone with me and i also said i could be on for more than 5 hours a day if no school. So i will be the watching people/helping them while you guys are asleep.
    What has motivated you to apply for a staff position?:
    I wanted to be in the staff team because one day i woke up, Then i saw my friend ilysmxiu, Became helper and others got promoted to Mods too and now i wanted to be staff. I've been on this server more than a year now so i mostly know the rules of this server and i know a lot about staff. I wanna make yaymc a better place that there's no hackers, spammers etc.
    Describe one time you made a mistake. How did you deal with it? What did you learn?:
    Last year, i was playing on skyblock. Back then i was very rich i was teaming up with an OG player Iamforthewin, I barely know him that he raids and scam a lot of people. That's why we were very rich. One day one of my friends texted me, Asking me he could join my island. So i accepted his request and the next day when i woke up, all my spawners are gone. I actually almost cried and my friend said that it wasn't my fault at all, It was Iamforthewins fault because before then iamforthewin scammed a lot of money from my friend and now he's paying back ( which i don't even know he got scammed and wanted revenge ). But now i forgive my friend and i've learn that you shouldn't scam or raid anyone they could get revenge anytime. For me, Making friends are more important than making enemies.
    Do you have any previous server moderation or server leadership experience?:
    No, i haven't. But ill make sure that i'll do my best on yaymc and also my first time playing as a staff, To be honest i don't really play on other servers a lot. I spent mostly all my time on yaymc. I saw that this server had the best community of all servers, So many friends are nice and it feels like home to me so i would like the make yaymc a better place to communicate with friends.
    Would you like us to know anything else about you?:
    I am really addicted to basketball and i also know how to play a guitar. Im really good at using electronics stuff like iPhone, iPad, Notebook etc.

    I got really huge damn family like more than 10 cousins.

    I have skype, discord and LINE (Japanese texting app :p )

    I'm asian, i live in Bangkok and I'm 5'7 feet tall.

    My hobbies are video games, basketball and guitar. :'>

    and last but not least
    YayMC Is the best server on Minecraft. :)

    PS: I kept forgetting my password so it said I'm new to the forums hehe
    Do you meet all of the helper requirements?:
    I am sure that i know all the requirements to be a helper!
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  2. +1, we need active staff on skyblock and factions when it releases. hes good guy, always helping out new players and old players too. : )
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  3. +1 Active player and helpfull
  4. +1 But you gotta Abuse For Superior:):):):)
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  5. +1 helpful active and kind in game
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  6. Oooooooo @Wombae_ applieeeddd


    • Helpful in-game
    • Detailed
    • Extremely active
    • You have helped staff a lot with the reports on players, thank you for that

    I would love to have you on the staff team.

    I wish the best of luck to you!

    ~Minna ♡
  7. [​IMG]
    -1 we don't need pussies as staff
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  8. Thats kinda rude but ok lol.
  9. Tsym <3
  10. Thanks! <33
  11. ok
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    Go do your homework instead.
  13. When did everyone stop giving a shit about grammar?
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    You get the point
    Couldn't have said it better than @Holsson
    It seems like you're triple

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    Edit: Oops, I almost forgot. -1
  14. If he was anything like Star, he would've gotten admin by now
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  15. -1 you have chlamydia
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  17. Wow ur bad at replying to negative feedback
  18. You clearly don't know what a detailed app is, lmao.
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  19. Minna you were trying very hard to make any reasons to +1 him. He's not helpful and it's not detailed at all. He is active but that doesn't matter as much when it comes to staff. The reports stuff I can't say anything about.
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