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Information Voting Update & Rewards

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Emmanuel, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Over the last few days, the executive team have been working on an update regarding voting and how voting will work from now on. As you all know, voting works by putting your username and doing a bot verification on a selected list of websites, also known as Minecraft server lists. For the most part, this will stay the same, for 3 of the links, as the 4th is not working, therefore we have gone ahead and removed this one.

    I am here to introduce a new way of voting. From now, you will be able to watch advertisements in return for a reward. On most of the servers, you will be rewarded a crate key, where you can spin your key to gain valuable and helpful items. Advertisements are usually only very short and will take you the same amount of time, than the usual way of voting.

    So, how do we vote? There has been a new command added to our servers that you will link you to our advertisements page. The command is /ads. Soon, this will be an alias of /vote, so there will only be one command for all possible voting options and you will be updated via discord when this has been implemented.

    To gain the most rewards, its strongly advisable to use this form of voting, in conjunction with the other normal way. If you have any questions, please contact one of our administrators or myself.

    Thank you for reading and there will be more updates soon regarding changes, server releases and other related important information.

    - Emmanuel
    (Manager, YayMC)
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