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  1. Vinh

    Vinh Helper

    In-Game Username: Vinh
    DiscordTag (ex. Name#1234): Erv#0064
    First Name (Optional): Ervin
    Current Age: 15
    Timezone / Country: Pacific Timezone, California


    When are you most active? How many hours can you provide to Yay in a week?
    When it comes to activity it is something I have always been consistent and dedicated towards within communities. Within the week I am available every day of the week unless I have a special event, task or other personal life issues that I have to prioritize.When I am unable to help in helping the community I will be sure to inform administrators before hand. During the weekdays (Monday-Friday) I am most active after 3:30pm to 11:00pm. Within these hours I can dedicate up to 7 hours on the YayMC network, but I will mostly be seen for around 4 hours. Within a week I can provide around 25-30 hours on the Network.

    Which server(s) are you most active on? What is it about that particular gamemode that keeps you interested?
    There are a wide variety of servers provided, but my most active ones would-be prison, factions, and kitpvp. I've always found myself practicing different skills in minecraft when playing these game modes, which I enjoy doing. The particular game mode that hooks most of my interest is prison. I've played prison game modes in general back in 2013, once I discovered OpJails in 2015 I fell in love with the gameplay and spent many hours on it. Prisons slow, laid back yet fast gameplay has a spark that always captures me and gets me interested. Prison game modes also have surprisingly helped me in my life outside of Minecraft, teaching me the concepts of money and setting goals. Before I play prison I had no concept of goals and the value of money, but this simple game mode in my younger years had taught me to set goals in life much like how I had set in-game and the usage of money. Therefore, I find prison to be one of my most interesting game modes.

    Have you ever been punished on YayMC? If so, why should this not affect your chances?
    In my many years of being a member of the YayMc network, I've never come across a very alarming punishment. However, back in 2016, I believe there was a time in the prison game mode where a duping glitch was discovered and done throughout the server. I without knowing fell in possession of one of the dupe items through a trade, but the staff ended up removing it. At the time the person I traded with didn't mention how he got the item so I didn't bother questioning it. Other than that I've been warned 2-3 times for spamming. Back 2 years ago by way of saying urgent was spamming in chat and with past experiences, it didn't go well. I quickly learned to stop and I've never had an issue since. I believe these past issues should not affect my chances, because they were done many years ago and it was at a time where I wasn't mature. The punishment wasn't very serious, but even then I was quick to learn my mistakes and fix them.

    How do you feel that you'd make a contribution to Yay with the position you're applying for?
    If I were to make a contribution it would be to help the YayMc network. When it comes to staffing over the years I've learned that it's not just banning people and muting people. I learned that being staff on a server is a way to create a community that people want to be in, a place where people can enjoy and spend time on. If I were to be given a chance at this position I would put maximum effort to create a better place for everyone. Doing this would include punishing hackers, punishing toxic members, reporting glitches and many more. It is important that not only we keep the community safe and clean, but we do it appropriately. Handling a situation appropriately is one of my strengths which many people don't have. I tend to handle situations appropriately, setting a role model for other members of the community. Many people tend to follow people they look up to and when It comes to Minecraft servers the staff are the ones that create the community and the way they act. I find myself to uphold a characteristic that would make a large contribution to the YayMc network.

    What issues do you see with YayMC that you feel could be fixed?
    In the YayMc servers, I've seen many instances of hacking throughout the years. The report system is quite slow and not very effective. Even the one extra minute of gameplay can greatly affect the other members. I've seen the staff were very attentive when it comes to this, but It can be done much more effectively. There have been many instances in which I had been killed and lost valuable items while pvping and this can be upsetting to players. Although, this is a very general problem for much of Minecraft it is always something which can be fixed with the efforts of the community and staff.

    Name a mistake you made during your time here on Yay? How did you fix that mistake? What did you learn from it?
    I mistake I made in my time on YayMc was I spent the majority of my time trying to find shortcuts and ways to work around the main gameplay. At the time I was very aimed for success and not experience and it wasn't far too long before I realized why this was bad. For example, when on the prison server I spent most of the time begging for items that were irritating to other players, but once I got an item that was "overpowered" I was quick to advance through the ranks and prestige, missing out on the main gameplay. This not only bothered others at times it became a problem for me at the end. I was quick to learn that the whole point of prison is to build up your self and advance through these stages to becomes to "richest" player. I didn't understand that getting money or a super good pickaxe ruined the gameplay and left me with a two-second good feeling instead of a couple days or weeks. I would be done with all the persitges within a week while others had been doing it for months and I got bored at a point. Since then I always played games for the sake of enjoying it.

    Tell us your previous server moderation experience, with proof if applicable. If you lack previous experience, why should this not greatly affect your chances as a potential staff member?
    I have loads of experience in moderating and administering inside and outside of Minecraft. I always viewed Minecraft as more of a place to enjoy games and never attempted to apply for staff on larger servers. I've been staff on smaller servers averaging about 20-200 members, but I don't think they really shape what I'm completely capable of. However, in 2017 I did manage a network by the name Mythryl, which was coded by two of the largest Minecraft networks, Hypixel. At the time I was managing their media team and the staff. Outside of Minecraft, but mainly on Discord and YouTube, I have amazing experience in moderation. I am currently Moderator on which is a browser game made by the Developer group of ZombsRoyale. Their discord server had over 50,000+ members and has multiple content creators such as PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and others who have played the game.

    I have also been mod on, but I retired because I wanted to focus on my school finals. Is also a browser game and their Discord server has over 61,000 members. I very much enjoyed moderating the game and discord. It came along with many perks and I had fun being in the staff team.

    The Nation is also a Discord server that I was a trainee on. The Nation is the Discord server for YouTube Channels such as Trap Nation, Bass Nation, Rap Nation and etc. all together they have over 50+ million subscribers. This is the first largest server I had moderated. Going back to my hobbies I met the manager of Trap Nation (Phineas) in Minecraft in 2016 and we became friends.

    I have many others for servers with 1k-10k members.

    Besides Discord, I have managed and help kept the community clean for the following YouTubers.

    Why should we choose you, over any other applicant?
    I believe you should choose me over other applicants because I am a person of dedication and control. These are two aspects that not many people have and it is something I have always maintained. I have also been with the YayMc network for 4 years now starting from OpJails. I have always valued the community and my sole reason for applying for this role is to further improve it as much as I can.

    Tell us your greatest strengths? How would these help you during your time staffing, if accepted?
    I have many strengths, but I find my most valuable to be control, dedication, experience, maturity and listening. To begin with, I am very good at controlling situations and problems. This is helpful because some staff may identify a person going against the rules, but not know how to handle it. Some staff also begin to talk back and fight the person they are trying to punish. However, I am able to handle a situation in a calm, and smooth manner. This makes it so more trouble isn't caused. Secondly, I am a very dedicated person. When it comes to doing something I try my best to follow it and get to what I want. In this case, I am looking to improve the community of YayMc. This is helpful because other staff members might lose dedication and interest over time, but I always strive for the best and push during hard times. Another strength I have is experience. This is something that is always helpful when it comes to staffing, because if you have prior experience you will be able to handle and identify problems and issues much quicker than others allowing you to help the community much more efficiently. Lastly, maturity and listening is among one of my most valuable strengths. This is because before I do everything I am always listening and handling things maturely. For example, if a person was cheating, I might want to have someone record them so I can ban them with proof. Some staff would just accuse the suspect and assume they're hacking. I would in the other hand analyze the situation before and then if I were to ask a person to record for me I wouldn't call out the suspect, but imply it in a way that doesn't make me seem cocky and such.

    What about your greatest weaknesses? How do you get past them?
    My greatest weakness is being too nice. I am very easy on people and always think people deserve second chance. This is good as a person but it can be hard because at times I have to enforce punishments that I don't want to always give. I get past these by thinking about why the person is receiving the punishment and without punishment they might do it again. I can handle this well, but at times I can let things slide and I try my best not to.

    Are you active on our Discord server?
    I am currently not active on the Discord, because of my other servers , but I can promise I will be once I click on create a thread in a few minutes ;)

    Is there anything else you'd like to add?
    I would firstly like to thank you for taking the time to read my application. I have some qualities which truly make me stand out from others. I was born a leader and I like to think of it that way. I love leading people to a better path and helping them out. I choose to always be kind and nice because it comes with its benefits. Besides those, I am very good at talking to others and possessing an optimistic mindset which really helps others as much as it helps me. I am very familiar with many of the questions people ask on YayMc and I am quick to answer them. I am always honest with what I say and I believe it's something people lack nowadays. I find myself with nothing to do at times and I feel like this would be an amazing opportunity to do something I enjoy. If I were to have a shot on joining the staff team I am hoping to not only help many people but to learn as I go on. I have a lot to learn I believe, and I feel like being a helper on a server such as YayMc will not only give me the opportunity to help the community, but it will also help me for my future. Hopefully, you can take me into consideration and I can assure you I will be a good fit for the team.

    By submitting an application, you agree to the fact that everything in it must be truthful. If any information in this application is false, you will be instantly denied.
  2. Maxxy

    Maxxy Moderator

    The question asked when you’re most active and how many hours you can provide, it’s really simple. I mean you answered it, but it took too long.
    Story time? Nope
    I don’t remember why I quoted this, but I’m sure I’ll remember
    That’s not a mistake, that’s just taking advantage of the system. Everyone does it on Prison, more story time am I right?
    “Some staff” this, “some staff” that. We know about our staff, we don’t know about you.

    Imma be neutral
    - I feel like most of this application was just story telling
    - Just answer the questions directly
    - There’s nothing wrong with story telling, but in this instance it seems like you just scrapped together a tale for every question to extend the appearance of your app. Like if I edited this app so it’s just you answering the question, it would be half as long.

    Many phanks,

    - Maxxy
  3. Vinh

    Vinh Helper

    I appreciate the feedback, I include stories in my applications because it's a way to show who I am as a person in a more clear and formal way
    Since the server isn't out they can't see who I am as a person. Furthermore, when I mentioned staff I was not talking about YayMc staff, I was mentioning staffing on miencraft in general. I like elaborating and being complete when I'm answering questions that are not oral. I hope you understand the point I'm coming from. I appreciate you point it out, I will be sure to be less excessive when talking about simple topics in future. Thank you.
  4. Maxxy

    Maxxy Moderator

    You can join the YayMc discord to get more involved with the community. I understand you may not be active because of other discord servers, but there’s where everyone’s at now.
    This just leads me to believe you’re only here for the staff position. But I could be wrong. What would you do if we were to decline you for whatever reason? Would you still stick around with the community and try again? Or would you be like most people and throw a fit and call the server bad? I’m not trying to be a meanie, but I firmly believe being the biggest meanie on applications brings out the applicant’s other side they’ve been hiding.

    Best of luck!
  5. Vinh

    Vinh Helper

    What you're doing is something I would personally do on applications. I've been with YayMC members since 2015 when it was OpJails and Hazard. I've been playing on the community for many years and I have made many donations. I'm decided to apply for the staff position to help out the community and not just be staff, I would've done it a long time ago if it was the case. I joined the Discord back in 2017 and I'm sure you'll see me on there. If I were to get denied it wouldn't change what I do. This server was a big part of my Minecraft experience. Thank you for the feedback once again, it helps me further improve and see any downfalls or mistakes I make.
  6. Lotho

    Lotho New Member

    Greetings @74s,

    Your application has been moved to Pending Interview.

    You have been given the "Pending Interview" role in the YayMC Public Discord, and added to a private chat to host your Interview! Once you are available, we will schedule a time for your Interview to take place!

    Goodluck, and see you there!
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