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    「 Application Tips & Requirements 」

    Before applying for a position on YayMC, we have a few requirements that you must meet before enrolling into becoming a staff member on our network, please be aware that you must meet ALL criteria listed here or you will not have a chance to become a member of staff.

    • You must be fourteen years or older.
    • You must be able to meet the 8 hours a week minimum activity requirement.
    • You must have minimal warn/mute history within the last month.
    • You must never have been banned from the network for any reason.
    • You must have Discord, and be able to use voice communication.
    • You must be actively engaged in the YayMC Discord.
    • You must have a device compatible with two-factor-authentication.
    • You must not be a staff member on a separate network.
    • You must not plagiarise your application.
    • You must understand the network rules to a full extent.

    When you are in the process of making your application, or if you have finished, we have a list of things that you should do / shouldn't do, as some of these things can make us feel that you are not the best candidate for a staff position on YayMC.

    You should:
    • Patiently wait for a response from one of the Staff Manager(s), we will get to checking your application, however we do not have all the time in the world.
    • Be as mature as possible, this shows us that you are capable of handling the responsibilites of a staff position.
    • Be honest, lying on your application is the worst thing you can do, because we will find out about it.
    • Be social within the community, this includes discord and in-game, this shows us that you are very involved within the community and know what you're doing.
    You shouldn't:
    • Do not ask any of the Staff Managers for a response on your application, this will lead to an immediate Instant Denial of your application, as you are not being patient enough, showing us you are not equipt to be staff.
    • If your application is denied, please make sure to read the denial message carefully, as it can highlight exactly where you went wrong.
    • Please try and keep your punishments on the network to a minimum before and while applying for a position, otherwise it will lead to an Instant Denial.
    If you have any questions regarding our application, please contact a member of staff on our discord:

    Good luck to everyone who is considering applying for a position on YayMC!
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