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    「 Application Format and Information 」
    「 Our Application Process 」

    NOTE: If you have previously submitted an application that was denied, you must wait two weeks before attempting to re-apply, any application sent in during this time will be instantly denied, and the wait time extended.
    All Applications submitted are able to be viewed by the public community, this being said means that players can have a choice to either upvote/downvote your application, you may see this with a +1/-1 on your application. Please do note that the Staff Manager(s) do not thoroughly take these responses into account, and will judge performance based on what we have seen in-game of the player, and how their application stands.

    Once the Staff Manager(s) have had a chance to look over your application, they will either set it Pending or Denied.

    • If the application is set to Pending, it means you will be invited for an interview to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for our staff team, the Staff Manager that responded to your application will be present and conducting the interview, along with other members of staff for their opinions.
    • If your application is set to Denied, it most likely means that your application was not detailed enough, if you want to find the exact reasons for your denial, it will be the bottom reply of your staff application by one of the Staff Manager(s).
    The Application Format can be located below in the Spoiler, please take your time when writing out your application, and put as much detail and effort in as possible. When looking for possible players to be apart of our staff team, we look for people who go above and beyond in their process for staff, and who actively help out players in-game without a title of staff. If you have any questions before wanting to apply, please speak to a staff member in our discord:

    Personal Questions
    • What is your in-game username?:
    • What is your Discord Tag?:
    • What is your gender?:
    • How old are you?:
    • What timezone are you in?:
    • Do you have a working headset and microphone?:
    • Can you record in 720p or greater quality?:
    • Have you been punished before? If so, why and what have you learnt from it?:
    • If you were to be accepted, how many hours a week can you provide to the network?:
    • Are you active on our discord server?
    Server Related Questions
    • What realm do you play on the most?:
    • What is your favourite feature on the realm you play most?:
    • How do you feel that you would benefit the staff team upon joining?:
    • What skills do you have that would be useful while you are apart of the staff team?:
    • What would you do if you found another staff member abusing their permissions?:
    • Do you have any previous experience in being a staff member on a separate network?:
    • What are the most important qualities needed to work in a team environment and why?:
    Scenario Questions
    • What would you do if a player was asking for help with a donation issue that you cannot assist with?:
    • What would you do if a player had messaged you saying they had found a bug that you cannot fix?:
    • What steps would you take if you found a player cheating on the network?:
    • Where would you direct a player if they were asking to report a player?:
    • What would you do if a player asked you a question you don't know the answer to?:
    Final Question
    • Why should we choose you over any other applicant?

    By submitting an application, you agree to the following:
    • You agree that everything wrote in this application is truthful?: (YES/NO)
    • You agree to not pester staff members to look at your application?: (YES/NO)
    • You agree that you have not plagiarised this application in any way?: (YES/NO)
    • You agree that if you are to be denied, then you must wait a full two weeks before re-applying?: (YES/NO)
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