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Skyblock Changelog (UPDATED)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Emmanuel, Oct 20, 2017.

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  1. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Head Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hi there.

    Skyblock has just been released, and wanted to update you all on what we changed, added and fixed. You can join the new Skyblock server by using the IP - yaymc.com and then clicking on the Skyblock NPC or doing /server skyblock. Of course this isn't the last ever change-log for Skyblock, as we will find bugs along the way, which will now be fixed immediately to prevent any abuse or exploits. So here ya go!

    Changes we have made:
    • /ah has been added, and replaced floAuction (Ebay)
    • /withdraw has been added for use with /trade
    • Gambling Bar has been added.
    • Bounty Hunter & Banker NPC's have been added.
    • /is settings & /is cp has been added and is now usable.
    • Crates have had a full revamp.
    • Mob Stacking has been added to prevent lag.
    • Disco Armor is back for a meme.
    • Sell wands have been added, and is now a Buy craft item, currently in replace for Sell Signs
    • PvP (god) glitch has now been fully fixed.
    • /report has been added back.
    • Shop design, and prices have been adjusted.
    • /disguise has been revamped, and they can be purchased on buy craft.
    • The welcome reward has been re-added.
    • Removed flying in PvP, as soon as you enter PvP arena.
    • Reconfiguration of the core skyblock plugin for optimization.
    • Combat Tag has been reworked to prevent combat evasion.
    • New welcome on-screen message.
    • /shout has been added with a cool-down.
    • /xpbottle has been added to make a certain level EXP bottle.
    • Hovering over names in chat will give you their balance and real name.
    • Trails have been added, as a cosmetic item. (Still working on)
    • Permissions have been re-worked, ranks have more abilities.
    • Command Aliases such as /pvp and /crates have been added for ease.
    • Island fly has been added to the store, allowing all members on your island fly.
    • Ranks have different sized islands;
    - Default- 150x150
    - Nova - 200x200
    - Solar - 250x250
    - Lunar - 300x300
    - Astro - 350x350
    - Galactic - 400x400
    - Hyperion - 500x500

    • New spawn and PvP area.
    • Rank names have now been reworked.
    • 1x Custom Island, more coming soon!
    • Furnace raiding has now been fixed, toggle on in /is settings.
    • Titles are coming soon!

    Thanks for everyone coming to the release, if you have any questions, feedback or problems please contact the administrators, through forum PM or discord. Beta tester rewards will be given out tomorrow, if you will not be online, you will be PM'ed when next online.

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  2. Masterofallftw

    Masterofallftw Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

    Today's changes - (22/10/2017)
    • Fixed selling gunpowder with sell wand
    • Nerfed the prices of iron and gunpowder. Gunpowder: 20 Iron: 25
    • Fixed multiple homes with ranks
    • Voting color is now uniform
    • Super keys now fixed in buycraft
    • Fixed Mob stacking (Iron golems stack, cows and villagers don't)
    • Anti-spam no longer kicks (Plugin will be replaced)
    • Removed old kit names from buycraft descriptions
    • Spelling errors in crates, and fixed commands executed.
    • Skyblock NPC in the Hub has been updated.
    • Astro+ now has /shout with a 6 hour cooldown.
    • Updated buy-craft descriptions to match what perks you get.
    • Issues with not receiving Buycraft items, have now been fixed.
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  3. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Head Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator

    Today's changes - (26/10/2017)
    • Price of clay lowered from 500 per block > 25 per block
    • Merged - Farming + Food in the shop for easier access
    • Added 'Blocks Extended' in the shop for glass and stained glass
    • Lowered price of Gold Pressure Plates from 2500 per block > 50 per block
    • Cratekey GUI of possible rewards readded.
    • Fixed not receiving disguises in crates.
    • Lowered Cooldown on /shout > 1 hour
    • /sell updated to 54 slots instead of 27.
    • Iron Golems now stack at 100 max, instead of 10 to prevent lag.
    • /stattrak has been added, but permissions are yet to be done (will inform on discord)
    • Iron Golems when in lava, are killed per stack, to prevent lag.
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