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Skyblock 3.0 | Changelog

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Emmanuel, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Hey Guys, As you know, Skyblock 3.0 was just released. We have gone ahead and prepared a list of the changes we have made in BuyCraft, Permissions and Features. The administration team here at Yay Network, appreciates all feedback and support given to us, in what ever shape or form it may be and for that I thank you.

    » /box (Receive and collect gifts)
    » /gift (Gift other players special items)
    » /paytoggle (Toggle Payments for Spam Prevention)
    » /quests (Start a quest and earn a reward at completion)
    » /gkit (Buyable kits on the store, with helpful items)
    » /ce (Custom Enchants, no PvP ones)
    » /blacksmith (Two books to make a higher level book)
    » /enchanter (Alias of /ce for custom enchants)
    » /tinker (Trade enchantment books for magic dust)
    » /cf (Play heads and tails with players for cash)
    » /trails (Apply trails as a cosmetic item for your player)
    » /ping (View yours or another players ping, useful in PvP)
    » /playervault (Create a vault and fill with all your specialities)
    » /deathpoint (View your last point of death, useful when you loose items)
    » /marry (Marry other players and show your love)

    » New scoreboard design / layout
    » Revamp of the Gambling Bar
    » 3 brand new, custom islands
    » Shop prices have been adjusted
    » New PvP arena of which, fps friendly
    » Parkour Course at spawn
    » Disguises added back
    » Full Revamp of crate's - 3 redesigned
    » More FPS friendly spawn, new theme

    » Buycraft descriptions fully match reality
    » Leader boards, complete with NPC's of top players
    » All data has been wiped
    » Disco Armor Removed
    » Store Items and Prices changed
    » Harvester Hoes have been added
    » Several command aliases have been added
    » Permissions have been fully revamped to match store
    » Kits have been customized with new items
    » Effective & Simple Anti-Cheat added
    » Kits have been customized with different delays
    » Ranks and their names have been changed!

    Rank Names

    » Ranger (Tier 1)
    » Templar (Tier 2)
    » Marshal (Tier 3)
    » Senator (Tier 4)
    » Prophet (Tier 5)
    » Emperor (Tier 6)

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