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    What do you not love about Yay Mc? Why?:
    This is a list of suggestions that I have compiled up with using my own and other peoples suggestions.


    The shop is disgusting, I have never seen a worse shop in my life. The shop is missing a few items such as an anvil and a god apple. The prices are bad. The auction system is so bad and so ugly. I am sure that everyone agrees with me when I say that a auction house is much better. Its much more simple and more aesthetic.

    Flying in combat rule, this rule has had a lot of debate and most people do not care if they're "warned" so they do it anyway and this makes PvP that much worse so if you're chasing someone any they fly away and you take your time to record it and to upload it just so they can get "warned" by a mod. It would be great if the end and nether could be enabled for PvP purposes. (Credits to Pursq) PvP Events (KoTH, Crate Drops) PvP is currently something that happens fairly little at the moment. I believe frequent events will encourage players or factions to fight over domination that will win them or their faction prizes.

    Another feature that is very annoying is the fact that you can't enemy anyone while you in combat. This needs to be fixed like come on. Also, remove fall damage when going into pvp zone, its annoying.

    /f top is broken... There has been multiple threads containing one sentence! /f top is broken. I have spawners in my faction claim and it doesn't even show in f top. I could go on but I'd rather not.

    Allow Staff Members to use their commands during combat.
    Make punishments harsher.
    We need more active staff.

    Feel free to comment down some suggestions.

    Best Regards,

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    Now you do
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    1. Staff used to be able to do it but some staff abused it so they removed it
    2. Punishments need to be harsher but that aint happening as more people left unpunished=more people on the server=more income for Sci
    3. Number one thing needed on the server right now.
    4. End and nether were disabled for lag.
    5. Rest is just slight gameplay improvements that if anything get put on a waiting list. Bugs ect need to be fixed before adding more stuff.
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    For this rule the staff should just remove flying in general for the war zone, on Warfare you can't fly there and it just puts everything on an even playing field.

    This idea should be added for both Warfare and Factions, this would attract more players and encourage people to pvp as well. The only thing to worry about for these type of events are hackers, there should be at least one staff monitoring the event and making sure no one is hacking. Lot's of these ideas are useful and I hope some of them get added in the future.
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    Thank you for your feedback :)


    Our administrative team is working on expanding the staff team as well as revising our commands in your game.
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    I entirely agree with this post. The shop i couldn't really care less about though. There needs to be some way to encourage pvp as well as some changes.
    In response to the flying issue, make it so you can only fly in your own claimed territory. That way you can still use it for building but it cant be abused...
    List of commands to enable in combat:
    /f enemy
    /f ally
    ESPECIALLY /report
    /f c a
    /f c p
    /f c f
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    If we are talking about shops lets talk about prison :p
    The iron gear vs Diamond gear
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    We don't just need more active staff but quality staff i think there needs to be a test made my the admin team with sample clips of hacking and cases of good players as some staff only know the main hacks and have no idea how to spot a ghost client for example BimHetorosexuell he got banned for hacking with a ghost client and then not enough people could view the video because of the location and those that could, couldn't even spot the smooth aim which was so obvious, it took fastened at the time who wasn't staff to download the video and help people view it and shout out to @AceDreamer who kept being persistent and got him banned. But thats the real problem we don't have enough quality staff.
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    I totally agree with this idea. On warfare alone 3 people have been banned and unbanned in the past week when the proof is awful. But I still think the staff need to be more active, especially on warfare. Factions usually has staff when I pop on but warfare, hardly ever. But I do think the admins need to work on some sort of test for the staff, because so many don't know the difference between blatant hacks, ghosting and legit people.
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    Rad i highly agree with everything other than god apples being in shop this will be so OP as money is VERY easy to get on yay but yeah good post :p
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    On Factions, we need a ftop prize to attract more players to our community. Also, fix f top and make the helper applications neater.
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    This is also needed on warfare