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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coelho, Sep 20, 2017.

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  1. Hi there.

    We've been working the last 2 days on redoing portions of the server and upgrading to better plugins to make things less buggy and easier to reset.

    We added a few player commands:

    /list - Global new plugin and format.
    /ping <player> - Global - You can now view your ping or any other player's ping.
    /trash - Global - Trash your items that you don't need easily in a GUI.
    /ignore <player> - Global - All of your ignores will now sync across all servers and should consistently work with most commands and chat.
    /unignore <player> - Global - Remove an ignore
    /unignoreall - Global - Remove all of your ignores
    /ignores - Global - View all of your ignores
    /seen - Global - You can now see what server a player is on and when they last logged into your server from any server on the network.
    /staff - Global - You can now see all staff on the network.
    /pm <player> <msg...> - Global - Cross network private messaging.
    /pmtoggle - Global - Toggle disable your private messaging.
    /goto <player> - Global - Easily teleport directly to a player across the network.
    We also have one more very requested feature coming at the end of the day. I'll edit this change log when we release it.

    We also worked on a few new features:

    New permissions plugin
    We are now using a new permissions plugin on Hub/Skyblock/Creative/Factions. We're still working on Warfare/Prison. This will fix a lot of lag issues and should allow us to be able to update the servers and fix bugs a lot easier. You can also find your ranks now shown in tab.

    New chat plugin
    We're also using a new chat plugin on Hub/Skyblock/Creative/Factions to replace the old and pair with the permissions plugin. It's not working on Factions completely yet, and we're not going to fix it until the reset. You can now hover over a player to view more information, and click a player's chat message to easily PM them. (Links broken are intentional. It is to discourage advertisement - links through PM still work) We'll add more information soon to the hover.

    Automatic redirect back to server
    When a server reboots, you're currently redirected to the hub. With this new feature, you'll be automatically redirected back to the server you were playing as soon as it comes up. You'll miss no AFK time.

    And we fixed a few bugs:
    You can no longer use commands on the network with a ":". This is to prevent bypassing blocked commands.
    - Blocked commands that can potentially crash the server.
    - Fixed a few dupes.


    Why are you doing all of this and adding all these small commands?
    Fixing YayMC is a multistep process and the first thing we have to do is make a good foundation for all the servers and take out and replace all the bad plugins that cause issues. We're doing that, and replacing things very quickly to get ready for quick resets. After everything has a good foundation, we can easily start pushing out brand new features for the network.

    Where is KitPvP?
    We are releasing KitPvP on Friday 4PM EST. We pushed it forward because we wanted to release on the weekend and have more time to get the network in the best shape. We also want our first release to be the best possible we can do. Here's a sneak peak of the spawn:

    Thanks everyone for all of the support.
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  2. Wow, more exciting changes!

    Be reassured, with the delay of KitPvP, this gives us more time to perfect it, so we provide the best, and must fun experience as possible. Loving the new features, espeicially the global PM and global /staff. Great work Coelho.
    Super excited for the future of Yay MC! All abord the hype train? ;)

    - Emmanuel
    (Head-Administrator, Yay MC)
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  3. Good to hear about updates. However, disappointing how Kitpvp have been pushed to a later date hopefully you know have the time to make it better :D #PositiveVibes
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  4. Thank you for making an announements about's what's been updated, sadly KitPvp can't come out today, but I'm hyped for it when it does come out :). Glad to hear what's been going on and that. <3
    #Hype Get the Hype train going again choo choo.
    ~Shark (Mod, YayMC)​
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  5. Friday makes more sense than Wednesday, can't wait.

    Does /staff show staff in /vanish? This seems like a bad idea as hackers can use this to prevent being banned.
  6. It does not.
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  7. Can't-Wait!!!!!!!
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  8. meme
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  10. SO excited!!! :D
  11. kitpvp spawn shouldnt be all enclosed, it looks bad like that
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  12. @Coelho Will factions be first <; pls dad.
  13. Fantastic work from @Coelho ! We're all extremely excited to see Yay's potential turned into something exciting and unique.

    Thanks for all your patience guys :)
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  14. But I have a party at around that time...
    ^it's 10pm for me

    Asides from that, really excited to see the new features that are being added.
    Thanks, Coelho.
  15. Make a support ticket. It would be fixed sooner.
  16. Ban List Reset?
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  17. I agree on that so yeah i hope they end up doing it i mean it would make sense
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  18. @Coelho if you do a banlist reset, please do not unban Xeiph. He's blacklisted for a reason(s), and nobody would want him back.
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