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    What do you love about Yay Mc? Why?:
    I rlly like playing creative on yaymc, that is all pretty much, though.
    I came here rlly just to talk about creative.
    You see, i got vip, mk? and i look at the perks and stuff, and there is a slight problem, not rlly slight when i go into the details.

    You get infinite world edit, thats pretty good, right?
    You can do /ptime day/night, but wait, only u can see the difference, so it's not that helpful
    You can do /hat, but you can't use end rods, so i guess no more unicorns for ppl like me.
    I had to do /ci just to see wut it does. You can imagine how that went, plus, all you need to do is shift+click the x in survival inventory (thats a category in creative inventory).
    Also, who uses /getpos, and /recipe?
    /more... just duplicate it

    Let's go on to perks

    Vip tag, something im glad they included xD
    Green name, but that never rlly works
    1 additional plot and up to 5 homes, daz good stuff

    Here's where life get's hard
    /disguise... yeah, for any of you that went to buy vip or mvp or pro, because you were going to change into ur fav mob, well, for some reason it doesn't work, and all the staff ignore the question, i have asked 2 staff, one of them ignored, another one said im not allowed to know, and i put a thread on, and none of the staff answered.
    plz let me here ur comments, and to everyone, God bless​
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    Thank you for your feedback :)

    I will have the administrative team look into a correctly functional disguise system and its commands.