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KitPvP Release.

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coelho, Sep 23, 2017.

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  1. KitPvP is released. Changelog coming soon.

    Enjoy the server guys.
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  2. Ah cant wait to see this changelog :D
  3. Can't wait. Thanks to the amazing "new" administration team for all your hard work.
  4. Welcome, hackers, to KitPvp! Now we wait for the place to get overrun by hackers like Jurassic Park did.
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  5. Kit PvP was overhyped. It is way easy to get op. You guys should do what you did on yay sort of. Give it a fair advantage
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  6. Yeah, played a server with a similar kit system and gave up. Anyone who got a late start will have no chance against anyone who's played a lot. Half iron set and an iron sword versus Full p4 u3 iron armor and a sharp 5 sword? Doesn't matter how good at the game you are, you will lose.
  7. Well, look who’s getting on tonight to see how this game is
  8. Well some people can't get on like me because im blacklisted but they said they'll be unbanning people tonight so hopefully i'll be able to get on the server after some time of being off to see how it is :D and be able to pvp!
  9. Not necessarily.
  10. We want old kitpvp
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  11. Do you think there will be a banlist reset because I wanna be able to play again:(
  12. I hope
  13. Yeah it's me MikeOG_ if you didn't know
  14. like shut the fuck up
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  15. Bitch you wanna go?
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  16. Ok yeah. Not sure where you gonna go though because your ass is banned.
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  17. Pfft
  18. Don’t hack don’t get banned. Simple
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