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Kejdi's Feedback

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Kejdi, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. What do you like about Yay MC? Why?:
    I just like being on because I like the interaction between players.​
    What do you think needs improving on Yay MC?:
    I think that more pvp needs to be implemented even though its skyblock because players from factions might have migrated to skyblock but not many players pvp which makes it kinda boring for the people who like to pvp. It will also encourage people to pvp at /pvp and at other places.​
    What are your suggestions for Yay MC?:
    I think something I kinda made up called "Island Wars" should be implemented. Its basically something where each island picks a certain amount of players and they're given gear, weapons etc and they fight somewhere like each others island or maybe just a big arena. Whichever island wins gets the loot which could be buycraft items or maybe just rare items in game.​
    Which server is this feedback referring to?:
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  2. I like the idea +1.
  3. I think this is a great idea! something like island wars would bring more pvp to the server and like you said encourage others to use /pvp more it it currently used.

    My idea of island wars:

    A spawned in island, obviously only accessible through ./warp event when even is active or something.

    [Couple of ideas]
    Maybe a few spawners places around so the mobs are free roaming for say. getting in the way and making it seem as if you're fighting on someone's island.

    i would also like to suggest if this was made a thing, putting a barrier around wherever the event would be held as this is for pvp and i can already put hand on heart that people would strictly use kb swords and punch bows to knock other players off which in my eyes destroys the idea of actually fighting to win.

    Maybe a new crate in spawn? [Event Crate].

    In this you'd be able to gain things such as [Event tools] or [Event armor]. within this crate could also be something linked to buycraft such as a small $20 voucher or multiple redeemable codes for a perk or something?

    I agree with the idea and this suggestion gets a +1 from me allday!
  4. I could never think Island wars becoming a think but definitely there could be more pvp involved in Yay.
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    I know Emmanuel will see this and try to do something like "Island Wars" +2
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  6. major key
  7. I like the idea of island wars, but it dosent really fit in with YayMc skyblock as most people don't pvp that often.
    YayMc is also not the biggest server, which mill make it hard to form teams.
    But overall nice idea