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    「 Meet the Divisions! 」
    As you may or may not have noticed from my tags, there's Divisions system at work here at YayMC, available to all staff members. This is a fairly new system that has been implemented since my arrival, and will be explained to all staff members thoroughly. As such, for transparency, we're going to have all members of Divisions public for the community. There are currently six Divisions: Content, Events, Mentoring, Recruitment, and Reviewer. There's also two Divisions Staff Members cannot apply to: Screenshare, and Forums.

    This thread is to keep you all up to date on what each team is doing and who is currently in each team. This will get updated as more people are added to each Division, so feel free to check back here every once and awhile to see what changes!

    | Meet the Divisions!
    Content Division
    The team responsible for going through bugs and suggestions with the Management team.
    Emmanuel - Team Lead
    IxWolfie - Assistant Lead

    Events Division
    The team responsible for creating highly unique and custom events for the community.
    IxWolfie - Co-Team Lead
    Emmanuel - Co-Team Lead

    Mentoring Division
    The team responsible for discussing staff performance and training the new Trainees.
    IxWolfie - Team Lead
    BelacBrix - Assistant Lead

    Recruitment Division
    The team responsible for discussing potential staff members and applications.
    IxWolfie - Team Lead

    Reviewer Division
    The team responsible for going through Appeals fairly and without bias.
    IxWolfie - Team Lead

    ScreenShare Division
    The team responsible for training Helpers how to ScreenShare effectively.
    Emmanuel - Team Lead
    yads - Senior Member
    VELDA - Senior Member

    Forums Division
    The team responsible for maintaining the median you're using now.
    IxWolfie - Team Lead
    Maxxy - Senior Member
    VELDA - Senior Member​
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