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  1. iMarioM

    iMarioM Up-And-Coming Member

    *I'll keep this application short and to the point. Although, this doesn't mean it won't show my abilities*

    Personal Questions

    • What is your in-game username?:
    • What is your Discord Tag?:
    • What is your gender?:
    • How old are you?:
    • What timezone are you in?:
    Pacific Time Zone
    • Do you have a working headset and microphone?:
    • Can you record in 720p or greater quality?:
    • Have you been punished before? If so, why and what have you learnt from it?:
    A while back, this guy told me to watch his balance rise. So, I spammed "/bal (username)." After spamming it, I accidentally removed the "/."So, I ended up spamming just "bal (username)." I thought I was going to be okay and it was a funny joke; instead, I was muted for some time. I realized that being friends with the staff won't cut me any slack. This was more of an accident, but I still learned from it.
    • If you were to be accepted, how many hours a week can you provide to the network?:
    I would be able to only play on weekends(Friday-Sunday) and breaks (Spring break). I would although be able to do at least 8 hours throughout those days.
    • Are you active on our discord server?
    As of now, I'm not really. I will be as I start playing the server more. Unlike playing, I can be on discord 24/7.
    Server Related Questions
    • What realm do you play on the most?:
    Mainly skyblock and prison.
    • What is your favourite feature on the realm you play most?:
    I loved the fact that you could have your plot in prison. It added so many new things that could be done in the game. Although it was removed very quickly, I loved the custom enchants in skyblock. It added an entirely new competition.
    • How do you feel that you would benefit the staff team upon joining?:
    There are various ways that I would help the staff, some of which are:
    I work very well in groups. Whatever it is, a project, conversation, or other collaborative things, I work well in it. If there is a hard project that must be completed, I think that working in a team is much more effective. During conversations, I can contribute with ideas and be very open-minded with others' opinions. Overall, I would benefit the staff team with my excellent teamwork abilities.
    I am very imaginative. In any scenario, I can think of a unique approach to either solve or improve the situation. This would also take a burden off of the staff team. With the ideas also comes execution. I would be able to come up with ways to execute the plans. To be clear, I'm not talking about development ideas, only ideas in various things like game modes, solving problems, etc.
    This is a major role in working with people. If you aren't honest towards your team, you can't be depended on. I am very honest about everything. If I did something wrong, I would immediately report it and apologize. I would never keep something from the team and will always tell the truth.
    • What skills do you have that would be useful while you are apart of the staff team?:
    -Positive attitude:
    In any scenario, I will put forth my best effort to be in a positive mood. I know that if I am in a bad mood, that won't make as a good role model. I also believe that my bad mood could rub off onto other players and maybe even staff members. With a positive attitude, I could react to different situations in a more fair and respectful manner. A positive attitude is a huge factor in how a case is going to end up. A little example of how a positive attitude is essential: I was in a terrible mood one day. I was asked a simple question from my brother. I reacted very badly, and this ended up putting us in an argument, all because I didn't keep a positive attitude.
    -Time management:
    I get everything done promptly. When there is a lot of things that have to be done, I usually split it up into different parts. This helps me get everything completed in the appropriate period. Without time management, you can't expect to get most things done on time.
    I am a very confident person. When it comes to stressful situations, I won't doubt my responses and I will react quickly. While being confident I could stay calm in certain situations. I could also inspire others with confidence. I can freely contribute ideas and am not afraid to ask questions.
    If I'm ever given criticism, I will take it and use it. If I'm doing something wrong and I've been told about it, I will immediately stop. I won't talk back about the criticism and I won't be offended by it. In my opinion, making mistakes and being criticized is the best way to learn.
    If there is a change, such as rules, I can adapt to it. I won't be stuck in the past and I will keep moving. I can adapt to any situation and will be just as good in the new as the past.
    I can easily communicate with people. If somebody is having problems I won't stress to have a conversation with them. I can easily listen to other players' thoughts as well. I can take into account anything they say. I can easily communicate my ideas in an easy to understand manner.
    • What would you do if you found another staff member abusing their permissions?:
    Firstly, I would talk to them. I would confirm my assumption of them is true. If it is true, I will immediately report to a higher level staff member and let them sort out the punishment. If it is not true, I won't give it up just yet. I would tell a staff member to keep an eye on him just in case.
    • Do you have any previous experience in being a staff member on a separate network?:
    I do not. Although, I have previously staffed on this network as a mod.
    • What are the most important qualities needed to work in a team environment and why?:
    This ties into how I would benefit the staff team upon joining. I'll just add a few more:
    Like said before, this is very important. Without this, your team members would not be able to count on you. You wouldn't be able to fit into the team and it would be a "The boy who cried wolf" story.
    This is also a very important skill. If you cannot communicate with your own staff members then you can't do anything. For example, you wouldn't be able to clearly put your ideas out there. You would not be a good problem-solver. You also wouldn't be able to contribute to discussions as much.
    Scenario Questions
    • What would you do if a player was asking for help with a donation issue that you cannot assist with?:
    If I could not fix it, I would take details from the player. Then, I would contact an upper staffman and see if they could help me with the issue. I would never be afraid to ask for help. I would also take note on how to solve this problem if it ever comes up again.
    • What would you do if a player had messaged you saying they had found a bug that you cannot fix?:
    Again, I would get the details and ask the staff at a higher level to help me out.
    • What steps would you take if you found a player cheating on the network?:
    Immediately I would start recording, I would have the get solid evidence before I could ban them. Next, I would double-check the ban time for the specified cheat and quickly ban the player. This would all hopefully be done in a quick time period.
    • Where would you direct a player if they were asking to report a player?:
    I would tell them to go onto the YayMc report thread. I would give them the link so it is easy and convenient for them.
    • What would you do if a player asked you a question you don't know the answer to?:
    I would definitely tell them, "I'm not sure, let me find out for you." I would quickly try contacting different staff to help me out with the question. If I couldn't get to anybody, I would try reading the website to see if I could help with the question.
    Final Question
    • Why should we choose you over any other applicant?
    I believe you should choose me over any applicant because I have various unique qualities that support I'm a strong staff member. I also have previously staffed on different websites.

    By submitting an application, you agree to the following:
    • You agree that everything wrote in this application is truthful?: (YES/NO)
    • You agree to not pester staff members to look at your application?: (YES/NO)
    • You agree that you have not plagiarised this application in any way?: (YES/NO)
    • You agree that if you are to be denied, then you must wait a full two weeks before re-applying?: (YES/NO)
  2. Vinh

    Vinh Helper

    You seem like a good person, and your application was short and to the point which I like. However, I feel like if you were to get back into the groove with the community first it would raise your chances. This would include being active in-game, discord, and on the forums. Other than that you seem like you know your information. I think if you applied in like 2 weeks it would be better.

    +0 for now
  3. HeyItsFinley

    HeyItsFinley Moderator

    Hey Mario!

    I know you're really active usually but your activity has dropped a little bit which isn't a big worry as the server isn't actually open yet. If you can get that back up, you've got full marks from me. Your a great person to talk to and you application is good. You have previous staffing experience on here and know what you are doing. It's a +1 from me.

    EDIT: As @74s said, the point that you have managed to get your application to a point quickly is great, rather than writing a massive application. I think this does show some other skills like communication as you have clearly got your point across.

    Good luck.
    Kieran. (KI3R4N/MrKieranOfficial)
  4. Maxxy

    Maxxy Moderator

    I’m gonna have to give you a neutral rating, for now at least.
    - It’s a good application, don’t really have many complaints about it.
    - I’ve staffed with you before, you’re good in every area, but your activity wasn’t looking so hot.
    - Like the others said, maybe try to increase your activity on the server/discord and you’ll have my full support. Just hoping this application stays up long enough for you to prove us wrong.

    Many phanks,
    - Maxxy
  5. iMarioM

    iMarioM Up-And-Coming Member

    I'll definitely be on discord constantly. I'll try to improve the hours in-game if possible! Thanks for the feedback.
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  6. 1835

    1835 New Member

  7. Lotho

    Lotho New Member

    Greetings @iMarioM,


    Your application has been moved to Pending Interview. You have been sent a Direct Message on Discord inviting you to our Interviews Discord. Once you join, we will schedule your Interview!

    Good luck, and see you there!
  8. Lotho

    Lotho New Member

    Denied after the interview.

    Feel free to re-apply after one week.
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