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Cyntr's Feedback

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Cyntr, Dec 22, 2017.

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    What are your suggestions for Yay MC?:
    I think the server should automatically give you +100 for welcoming players like it used to do.. It was a quick way to make a little bit of money, kept the chat from being so slow and made it a little less boring when you have nothing to do.

    Also, when I jump off the factions spawn I loose half my health. If that could be fixed that'd be great :).​
    Which server is this feedback referring to?:
  2. no
  3. This 'Welcome' money reward is something that I mentioned in my feedback a few months ago. (Although, it was about the complete removal of the feature.)

    Personally, I think that the feature was just abused by people who wanted to make some quick and easy money; and it was. It was implemented as an incentive for people to make new people feel welcome when joining the server for the first time. The problem was that people mainly just said 'welcome' for the money, rather than being sincere to the actual player who just joined.
  4. Alright let me stop you there. You get 100$ for welcoming someone, sure it's great the first weak the server is open; but then what after people have millions and are still welcoming people? You can't say people mainly do it for the money when it's only 100$. Personally I make around 150m a day and i still enjoy welcoming new players to the server.
    I see the argument that you're trying to make and maybe if it were lets say, 1,000 sure I could see people just doing it for the money but just 100. I highly doubt everyone is doing it for the money.
  5. In no way did I say that all players were responsible for doing so. I'm sure that there are many friendly people out there. However, what I did say was, that there were people who did use the feature for financial gain. Short in short, maybe money isn't the best incentive.
  6. You said that people mainly said welcome for the money, that categorizes most people as saying such..
  7. Most. But by no means all. I'm not here to start a controversy or an argument. I'm just simply stating my honest opinion.
  8. I understand that but I don't understand why 100$ would promote people to welcome others, what would you suggest (assuming emmanuel or farmer) came and asked what you would give players for welcoming others? 1/2 a level of xp? 50$? I think the 100$ was good enough I also like the little *ding* it gives.