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    Greetings YayMC community,
    I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. As many of you know, a building contest took place on skyblock over the past month or so, and we had some impressive builds.

    In first place, winning 20 Iron Golem Spawners: @Ichigirl and @Holsson (/warp ichigirl)
    In second place, winning 10 Iron Golem Spawners: Hermey (/warp Hermey)
    In 3rd place, winning 20 million: @MLGFarmerElite and @Kibra (/warp MLGFarmerElite)
    4th place TIE, winning 7.5 Million: @666j666 (/warp Jihad)
    5th place TIE, winning 7.5 Million: @Wetnuss (/warp Wetnuss)

    Thanks to everyone who entered, I encourage you all to visit these islands, the pictures don't do them justice. Prizes will be awarded to the island leader next time I see you in game.

    Happy holidays,
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