REJECTED 1835's Staff Application.

Discussion in 'Rejected Applications' started by 1835, Nov 9, 2019.

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  1. 1835

    1835 New Member

    Personal Questions
    • What is your in-game username?: 1835
    • What is your Discord Tag?: Sucka Whyma#0005
    • What is your gender?: Male
    • How old are you?: 16
    • What timezone are you in?: EST / NA
    • Do you have a working headset and microphone?: Yes and Yes
    • Can you record in 720p or greater quality?: Yes
    • Have you been punished before? If so, why and what have you learnt from it?: Not on this server.
    • If you were to be accepted, how many hours a week can you provide to the network?: On the week atleast 20, on the weekends its random, it all depends if I go places or not.
    • Are you active on our discord server?: Just joined so I guess?
    Server Related Questions
    • What realm do you play on the most?: Going to be KitPVP
    • What is your favorite feature on the realm you play most?: KitPVP
    • How do you feel that you would benefit the staff team upon joining?: Ever since the last time I was staff (opcraft) I have actually grown up a lot from how I used to be, i'm not toxic anymore, and I want a chance to actually prove that. I don't give attitude or anything and I think i'm proud of myself for that, and I think that my experience would be good for this server.
    • What skills do you have that would be useful while you are apart of the staff team?: the one big thing i'm really good at is screen sharing without an ss tool. I usually find anyone's client. and I have patience.
    • What would you do if you found another staff member abusing their permissions?: I would immediately report it to a staff manager or a manager, or an owner.
    • Do you have any previous experience in being a staff member on a separate network?: Yes, twice on OPCraft, once when I was 1835, and second when I was DedicatedIPs.
    • What are the most important qualities needed to work in a team environment and why?: I think you need alot of team work skills to actually work for a community, you cant just go in thinking you know everything cause thats what I did at first, but as I started maturing I started realizing I basically knew nothing so I actually started working towards myself and I found out alot of stuff that I didnt know previously.
    Scenario Questions
    • What would you do if a player was asking for help with a donation issue that you cannot assist with?: If I was a helper, I would tell the player to make a ticket on the discord so it would get sorted by an admin/manager.
    • What would you do if a player had messaged you saying they had found a bug that you cannot fix?: Again, I would forward it to a manager and then tell them which player found it out so they could get credit for it.
    • What steps would you take if you found a player cheating on the network?: First off, I would get video evidence and have it be clear evidence and then I would ss them, just to be sure if they were cheating or not, and record the ss so I have proof that I found something, and even if I didnt find anything, I would get them banned for the video evidence (if valid) thats if I was a moderator. since its for helpers, I would record them, then make a Player report (the staff version) and get them banned.
    • Where would you direct a player if they were asking to report a player?: I would tell them to do /report (players ign) (reason) in game so someone can watch the fights.
    • What would you do if a player asked you a question you don't know the answer to?: I would ask for assistance from a second person (someone on the staff team) and get help for them.
    Final Question
    • Why should we choose you over any other applicant?: I know some people on here probably dont wanna accept me (Lotho) but trust me, since I was last staff I have changed alot, I have matured as a person, I'm actually not toxic anymore, and I just want a second chance to basically prove my worth, and I wanna keep the server a cheater free server. and I show dedication.
  2. 1835

    1835 New Member

    {my bad I didnt see these question in the format}
    • You agree that everything wrote in this application is truthful?: Yes.
    • You agree to not pester staff members to look at your application?: Yes.
    • You agree that you have not plagiarised this application in any way?: Yes.
    • You agree that if you are to be denied, then you must wait a full two weeks before re-applying?: Yes.
  3. Vinh

    Vinh Helper


    Your application lacked a lot of detail, it's very short, and many grammatical mistakes. I haven't seen you active on the forums and Discord much. Based on what you wrote it seems like you had a rough past and the answers for the questions show no effort put into it. However, best of luck.

  4. iMarioM

    iMarioM Up-And-Coming Member

    I agree with 74s, I can see you haven’t put much detail into this application. It seems to me like you just rushed through it hoping it would be good. I also see that your forums account was created today. This gives me the impression that your only created a forums account to apply. Lacking detail and effort. Best of luck.
  5. 1835

    1835 New Member

    To be fair, I havent played much, I didnt even know this server existed till I saw julian plug the kitpvp release so that's why i'm applying, and I did put effort its just that i put the amount of effort I thought was needed, no staff application needs to be over the top, half the time when I make an over the top application it just gets denied. Thanks for the feedback tho.
  6. Lotho

    Lotho New Member

    Greetings @1835,

    Unfortunately, your application has been denied for the following reason(s):

    - Your application is not detailed enough.
    - You have not put the required effort into your application for it to be considered.

    Please wait a maximum of two weeks before re-applying for a position.
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