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Hi again, yaymc :)


New Member
Ayoo what's up guys!! I'm NoSpain. I used to be the greatest (non forum ;) Maxxy) mod of all time!!!

All jokes aside, I was a staff member of the old old yay, I started playing this in Crymc back when I was an absolute random. I made a lot of great connections in this community. I actually still have the staff member guidelines I received back when I was first accepted and I was reading them and having a laugh at how long ago that actually was. When yay closed I kind of just quit mc, played a bit of fear here and there but nothing too crazy.
I just came back a couple of days ago to find out this community is still existing...!

I hope you're all doing great and I hope this server can relaunch itself back into the top of the factions universe. I'll make sure to stay around. Also... I'm pretty sure none of the people who knew me here ever saw what I looked like so, profile pic is a face reveal :p.

Hope to see you guys around :)


Staff member
Welcome back, I am sure you remember me.

We are currently working to re-grow the community, and bring back a quality product. Our first Factions and Skyblock maps have done pretty good over all since the re-release.

We are working on map 2 and hopefully it will be released in the near future.

As the forums was reset, there is not much activity here but hopefully we can grow andnl create a sizeable online presence.

If you wish, check out the discord server -

- Kibra

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